Love in the Time of Coronavirus – Entry 1

It’s been ages since my last update. I’m truly sorry for that. Life has, at times, been a whirlwind of responsibilities, job changes, relationship changes, medication changes, and more, but truth be told, the longer I went since the last update, the worse I felt. I want to get back to updating here, and maybe this will be the catalyst for that.

I’m married now, to the same guy I was dating when I first started this site, and we’re nearing our first anniversary. We were supposed to go on honeymoon to Italy in a few weeks, but… well… you know.

I’m working at basically my dream job, one of the best preschools in Seattle, and I’m thrilled to be at a place where I see a real future for myself. Just have to wait until another teacher quits so I can snag a classroom position, and things will be perfect.

I’ve been struggling through depressive episodes, though I can’t pinpoint why like I usually can. Maybe it’s because the world is so scary and strange right now, it doesn’t take much to set off my situational depression. That’s part of why my output not just here, but in all my outlets, has been so low lately.

My city, like so many others, has been rocked by Covid-19. In an unprecedented way, my preschool is closed for at least two weeks. Luckily, they’re paying us, as long as we work in some way that benefits the school community for 75% of our usual hours. I’m far better off than a lot of people that way.

There’s no mandatory quarantine going on here, and the shelves of my local grocery store are still stocked except for a few key categories of item. My husband works in a supermarket, and unlike me, he’s probably going to be expected to keep showing up to work. That puts him – and thus me – at major risk of contracting the disease. Because of this, I want to avoid being a link in that possible chain and I’m choosing to self-isolate as much as possible.

I want to use this space as a diary of sorts – to record my experience for at least the next two weeks. It’s probably not going to be particularly interesting or profound, but I want to remember what I think and feel at this strange moment in my life. Something longer-form and less transient than social media. Or maybe I’ll get bored of it after a couple days and leave this blog to lay fallow for longer. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Coronavirus – Entry 1

  1. Chem17

    I realise that this may seem strange but I was a long-term silent follower of this blog for a while, and I’m glad to see it back. I was just checking back on it as I’m starting my own! So I suppose you’ve been rather inspirational to me.


  2. Congrats on your marriage and I hope you and your husband are doing well. I’ve enjoyed all of your posts and would check back every now and again to see if there had been a new one, so I’m glad to see this blog is still up. Looking forward to when you come back, but take all the time you need. Take care!


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