Link Drop: Fushigi Yugi Casts

Remember when I said I was working on a Fushigi Yugi-related project with Anime Feminist? Yeah, that’s still a thing.

As part of our weekly Chatty AF podcast, I’ve been going through the series a few episodes at a time with my dear friends Dee and Vrai. We’re several episodes deep, and it was great fun to go back and revisit the series’ highs as well as its lows with… well, one person who loved it just as much as I did, and another whose feelings are a little more ambivalent.

Episodes 1-7, in which we get this party started

Episodes 8-14, in which we start to have fun

Episodes 15-20, in which we meet some very good boys

Episodes 21-27, in which we prepare for the oncoming storm

Episodes 28-34, in which we cry. A lot.

It really has given me new perspective on the series, and a lot of appreciation for what the series did well. The cast is full of lovable lunkheads who I actually have retained a lot of affection for, and the romance is much better-handled than I remembered.

Nuriko still deserved better.


One thought on “Link Drop: Fushigi Yugi Casts

  1. AnaMachado

    I have been curious about this project, as I didn’t had watched the anime but wanted to know your opinions about it. But sadly I’m not a English native, and my own basic knowledge about the language is only being able to read/write but not being able to understand/speak it. So sadly I’m not able to enjoy podcasts. Sadly as I really feel like I’m missing out a really great thing…

    Anyway I really love the work you guys do, and I hope maybe you can pass the message to the other authors too? That I really admire yours works, and I’m anxious for more, be on AnimeFem or on yours own personal blogs! I’m a fan!


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