Popular Isekai Light Novel Adaptations as Guys Who Lived in Your Freshman Dorm

Sword Art Online is Kyle


Kyle is really into respecting women, and he wants everyone to know about it. He likes to say that his greatest role model is his mom, because she worked so hard to raise him and his sister without any handouts. His real role model is Jean Claude van Damme, but he doesn’t tell anyone that. He doesn’t believe in the wage gap – it only seems that way, but if you really look at the data, it’s because women have different priorities in life. Besides, he wouldn’t want his wife to earn more than him because what would they do when she left her job to raise their kids? He talks a lot about his girlfriend back home, but she can’t come visit because she’s really busy. Oh, and she doesn’t use Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. She does use Twitter, mostly to agree with his tweets, and never posts selfies because she’s not vain like that. He is lowkey convinced that all his female friends are actually in love with him, because male-female friendship is always at least a little about attraction. People seem to really like him, but you don’t get it.

Log Horizon is Sean


You have some introductory liberal arts classes with Sean, which he grouses about having to take because he’s an ENGINEERING student. Why does he need to know about 19th-century female novelists? Still, he makes an honest effort and occasionally asks interesting questions in class, and his papers pull solid grades. You study together in the lounge sometimes, and you always end up talking about video games. You are the first female friend he’s had since elementary school, not out of misogyny but because he’s always had very male-oriented hobbies like Warhammer and Magic: The Gathering. He never really questioned why there weren’t any girls participating. He’s overall a pretty good dude, the kind who will stay up in the lounge having discussions until 3AM, then go to his 8AM class through sheer force of will. You don’t vent about personal issues to him, because you tried it one time and he kept suggesting solutions instead of just listening like you needed. He hates it when people misspell his name.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is Henry


Henry is a good-looking guy, in a mopey kind of way. He carries a guitar around and plays it in the lounge most evenings, plus outside on nice nights. He says, “Anyway, here’s ‘Wonderwall’” without a hint of irony. No one makes fun of him for it because it reminds him of his dead fiancee and he starts to cry while playing it about half the time. They were high school sweethearts and she died unexpectedly in a car accident the day before graduation. He’s pretty sure he’ll never love another woman. “Love” doesn’t preclude lust, apparently, because his desktop has a rotating background of women in thong bathing suits, and you’ve seen him mime cupping girls’ butts behind their backs when they bend over. His favorite movies are Saving Private Ryan and Gladiator.

Re: Zero is Seth


Seth made a terrible first impression on the first day of orientation by making way too many “ironic”, overly self-conscious jokes. After a couple weeks, he starts feeling more comfortable and explains that he suffers from terrible social anxiety but starts acting more outgoing. He still relies too much on self-deprecating humor, but most people have warmed up to him. He calls himself “soft boy” and a “postfeminist” and has a pretty okay understanding of a lot of issues, but also spends too much time explaining your own feminism back to you and how women should be sexually liberated instead of prudes. He thinks Joss Whedon is the greatest leader the feminist movement has ever seen, and media critics who don’t like him are ungrateful. When he messes up and gets called on it, he self-flagellates instead of actually apologizing or trying to make things right. When you get sick of that as well and tell him it’s not good enough, he gets really mad and calls you a bitch. The next day he tries to act friendly and pretend it never happened.

KonoSuba is Nate


Nate calls himself and “equal-opportunity asshole” and “uncensored” and makes a lot of racist, sexist, and homophobic jokes. A lot of the other guys like him and his “outrageous” sense of humor, and you occasionally think he’s funny when you’re stoned. He never socializes outside the hall and his clubs and makes snide remarks about girls who dress too skimpy, are interested in sororities, or go to the frats to party, but then says, “What? It’s just a joke,” if someone gets upset. He hates safe spaces but thinks that comedy should be “sacred” and above criticism. He gets drunk most nights, and his humor goes from jokes to mostly just saying slurs to straight-up ranting. Eventually he does something embarrassing like throwing up on the couch or peeing himself and leaves it for other people to clean up after him.

Overlord is Jason


Most people come to school with laptops; Jason brought his full gaming rig with three monitors. He prefers to stay in his room with the lights off, and his roommate never really feels comfortable in there, because he doesn’t know if he’s playing video games or about to start whacking off to weird anime porn. Jason is really into evolutionary psychology and talks about how men are naturally promiscuous and attracted to women with exaggerated hourglass figures. He obsessively reads pickup artist manuals, but never actually tries it out because that would involve leaving his room and besides, those women are all vapid cunts who are below him. He spends a lot of time on Twitter ranting about how SJWs and antifa have taken things too far, and they’re the ones who are really ruining America. He enjoys “rational debate” and “playing the devil’s advocate”. He thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, but almost flunks out because he never goes to class. 



11 thoughts on “Popular Isekai Light Novel Adaptations as Guys Who Lived in Your Freshman Dorm

  1. Imani

    OMG, I don’t know if I wanna watch Re:Zero anymore. (Hahaha, I may still try but I will keep this in mind.) I picked up on Grimgar’s Henry-ness from the first episode and never looked back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually really like Grimgar! the melancholic atmosphere works really well for me, plus it’s so very pretty. This list is just about poking fun, and it’s SO sad that it’s an easy target. And yes, the fan service is annoying – somebody out there REALLY likes Yume’s butt.

      Re:Zero is… interesting. I was pretty harsh on it here but there certainly are things to like about it. Some of my AniFem colleagues really love it. If you were thinking about watching it, it still may be worth a shot. I did a podcast episode about it with Chatty AF.


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    1. I haven’t actually seen much of Kono Suba – that segment was largely cobbled together from talking about it with friends who’ve watched more of it. I wouldn’t take this entry on it as an indicator either way


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